Utter Pradesh marches ahead with word class roads and global infrastructure :

With Sarvjan Hitaye, Sarvjan Sukhaye as matto, UPPWD is all set to make a difference to state of Utter Pradesh by strengthening its existing infrastructure and adding new roads, overbridge, flyovers and more in the coming years.

Mayawati Ji

Under the dynamic leadership of CM Ms. Mayawati ji, UPPWD has decided to give top priority to the new construction of village roads, widening and strengthening of important existing roads and construction of bridges for the overall development of the state

Construction and improvement of village roads:--

  • Under the scheme "Dr. Ambedkar Gram Vikashh Yojna" 2110 Ambedkar villages of the year 95-96, 97-98, 2002-2003 have been connected by all weather link roads of length 3282 km, cosing Rs. 612 crore
  • Repair of existing damaged link roads in 13210 identified Ambedkar Villages, which to-gether account to repaired, costing Rs.1133 crore
  • 1230 Gram Sabhas of 2007-08 have been connected by all weather link roads of length 2231 km costing Rs. 457 crore
  • Repair of existing damaged al weather link roads in 1269 Gram Sabhas for length 32km where repaired costing Rs 190 crore.
  • Construction of village roads sanctioned in 3000 km length costing Rs 782 crore in other than above schemes also such a Zila Yojna, Naxal Yojna, NABARD funded Schemes etc. during 2008-09.
  • Under Pradhan mantra Gram Sanak Yojna, new works costing Rs. 1461 crore sanctioned in 4076 kms length. During 2008-09, 771 habitation connected with painted roads and construction/reconstruction of villages roads have been completed in 3547 km length during 2008-09.

Widening and strengthening of important of the roads:--

  • Widening and strengthening of roads sanctioned in 2024 kms length costing Rs2107 crore in various schemes during 2008-09
  • We-idening/ Strengthening 1924 kms of important roads completed during 2008-09
  • Strengthening of Canal Patri sanctioned in 114 km length costing Rs. 44 crore during 2008-09
  • Under Manyawar Kansiram Ji Shahri Samgra Vikas Yojna improvement of city roads sanctioned in 360 kms. Length cpstong 140 crore during 2008-09
  • Improvement of city roads compelted in 615 kms length costing Rs. 236 crore
  • Under Manyawar Kansiram Ji Shahri Samgra Vikas Yojna approach roads for connecting residential colonies sanctioned in 147 kms. Length costing Rs. 73 crore.

Maintenance of roads

  • Renewal and improvement of riding quality roads completed in 10,253 km during 2008-09
  • 1,26,360 kms. Roads maintained as patch less during 2008-09.

Priority Areas

  • Important roads with high traffic intensity are being widened and strengthened
  • All state highways to be widened to minimum tow lane roads
  • In urban areas, the department plans to provide service ducts on all major roads so that during repair work the main roads dont get effected and it facilitates movement of traffic.
  • Flyovers and roads in the city areas would be constructed for not less than 4 lanes as per decision of the government
  • Cities having 10 lakhs or more population would be provided with ring roads and bypasses.
  • Construction of ring roads in Vanarasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Meerut, Agra, is under consideration of the government along with the preliminary survey feasibility report.
  • All narrow and damaged bridges will be reconstructed/rehabilitated
  • Improvement of important road crossing and construction of rotaries for smooth weaving of traffic.

Bridging Success

bridging success The ambitious plan for building as many as 34 major/medium road, railway bridges and over bridges/flyovers at selected sites in the state is developing at a fast pace. Over a period of five year (2007-11) a cost of 57,324.34 Lacs in now beginning to materialize. Four of these bridge constructed at Etawah, Allahabad, Jyotibaphule Nagar and on Bareilly-Piliphit-Buduan highway respectively are already completed and put into operation. Construction work of bridges at Mathura, Varanasi, Azamgarh, Fathepur, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Bareilly, kannuaj, Muzzafarnagar, Bijnor, Rae Bareilly and Deoria are going on full fledgedly.

The highway to development

"The department has carved a niche for itself in the league of building National Highways"
  • Utter Pradesh has brought being largest length of national highways of 5700 kms. Under NHDP Programmed, 1906 kms. Roads length under Golden Quadrilateral and North-South-East-West Corridor being developed for 04 lane with service road on either side.
  • NH-2 i.e. Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi Road is being widened to 06 lane on PPP pasis
  • Out of 3794 Kms which is being maintained by UPPWD the stretch of 772 kms have been improved .
  • Work in progress in 450 Kms of National Highway
  • In Lucknow a RoB at Engineering College and one grade separator at Govt. Polytechnic with Road stretch of 11 km. 04 lane with service Roads have been successfully completed with an amount of Rs. 98.00 crores
  • Total amount spent for NH Roads in year 2008-09 in Rs 283 crores
  • Work on war footing has been taken up at Lucknow-Raebareilly-Allahabad Road (NH-24B) with an estimated cost of Rs. 31 crores
  • Another important segment of NH-28C i.e. Barabanki-Bahraich to Roopaideeha has been taken up for which an amount of Rs. 25 crores have been received from NHAI.
bridging success highway development manyawar kanshiram smarak

Achievement of UPPWD

"The department has carved a niche for itself in the league of building National Highways" naseem uddin siddiqui
  • The envisioned dream of providing the state with global infrastructure has been successfully realized by the department. The state now boats of a new network of 6 and 8 lane roads.
  • The state government has allocated rs 6611 crore in widening, maintenance and improvement of the state infrastructure .
  • The total painted roads length of the existing network is 178,076 kms.
  • UP is the pioneer state which is providing CC roads and covered drains in selected habitation so as to improve the living standards of the rural masses.

Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb